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Support the Troops by bringing them home

June 23, 2008

My Comments on the tragedy of our foreign policy.

The Democrats have betrayed the Peace Movement. In 2006 a Democratic Majority was voted into office on the promise they would bring us home. One of the primary checks the Congress has on the President is control of the purse strings. If Congress opposes something they should not fund it.

In the November 14, 2006 issue of LPM Online I wrote:

The Libertarian Party National Committee has supported a strong defense while opposing the use of our troops and tax-dollars for use in wars of occupation, empire building and similar crusades. The invasion of Iraq took was justified by the false premise of weapons of mass destruction (based on the word of an Iranian informant… They had nothing to hide). Since then the task has been nation building. This being said, the congressional elections were nationally perceived as a referendum on the occupation. Since the national media ignores our existence: A vote for a Republican congressperson was a vote for the war, and a vote for a Democratic congressperson was a vote against. The Democrats won based on at least claiming to hold to a libertarian position.

Well in two years, American troops will still be there, and it won’t be for R&R. The media will be sure to ignore us when we say ‘Told you so.’

Well I don’t need to tell you what you already know. Barack Obama won’t even promise to end this carnage before he completes his term. Close to a million people have died already from this.

Elect a Senator who values human life:

  • I support the withdrawal of all United States troops from Iraq as quickly as logistically possible.
  • In other words withdrawal should be quick, but we must remove personnel, equipment and supplies safely.
  • I oppose all further funding of this war.
  • Furthermore, I support the closure of military bases abroad, starting with those in countries that are clearly able to handle their own defense.

Why Vote for Me?

June 18, 2008

It’s about the economy

We are on the verge of a major depression if the current policies continue: Deficit spending, paying off debt by printing money, exporting our industrial base, imprisoning large portions of the population, and wasting our resources and lives on unprovoked military crusades.

The Republican President and Democratic Congress have continues on the same course like a canoe team riding the rapids to Niagara Falls.

Bad economic times, like these, call for a more comprehensive plan. Libertarians, with their support for free market reforms such as eliminating the Income Tax and reducing burdensome regulations, suggest even more ways to increase opportunities and improve the economy.

The only way to end the income tax and pay off the dept is to change policy and cut spending. The first cuts should be in areas where the Government is doing the most harm, while leaving programs people have grown dependent on (like social security) intact. Then phase them out gradually. The younger generation should be able to opt out of social security.