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Pastor Neil Carrick Files Civil Rights Lawsuits in Federal Court

November 21, 2017

Pastor Neil Carrick has long been an advocate of people’s right to structure their families according to their spiritual and personal beliefs instead of government mandated templates.

He is most known for his efforts to actualize the separation of marriage and state by suing to decriminalize private religious marriage ceremonies that do not meet the license standards for Michigan.

These links give some background that help put this latest effort in context.

Pastor Neil Carrick and related parties including his daughter, couples and church will file Civil Rights Lawsuits in Federal Court. Pastor Carrick was the Pastor who brought a lawsuit against the state of Michigan will be bringing two lawsuits with other parties.

The first one is against the Wayne Country Count regarding adult adoptions. in 2007 Neil tried to adopt an adult who he has known as his child since 2001 when he began care of her when she was 16 and her 1 year old daughter. The Wayne County Courts process creates a higher bar and special rules beyond that the code of Michigan provides. He was told by Wayne County Court employees he would not be able to meet the requirements because of these special rules.

The state law or codes for Adult Adoption has minimum rules.

n Michigan that state code appears to suggest that:

The Requirements for Adult Adoption are very minimum: 
  • Both individuals are adults, that is, 18 years of age or older;
  • Both the adoptee and the adoptive parent are competent;
  • The adoptee gives his or her consent to the adoption.
  • If a legal parent of the prospective adoptee is alive, he or she is given notice of the proceedings, but consent is not required. The only one who needs to consent to an adult adoption is the adoptee.
Pastor Carrick and his daughter will be filing the lawsuit in the coming weeks.

Pastor Carrick along with other parties will be filing a lawsuit regarding the marriage laws of Michigan. The suit will seek to decriminalize private religious marriage ceremonies that do not meet the license standards for Michigan.Pastor Carrick will be joined by a congregation and potentially religious organizations and couples.

You can find out more at in the coming days.


Forgive me for the complexity and length of this email. This is regarding to potential upcoming lawsuits.

I will try my best to explain this. But if you do not have a good understanding of the difference between de-factor and de-jure I would highly suggest that you spend a few minutes understanding the differences between the two.

As many of you know I filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan some time back regarding Marriage. In particular Religious Marriage vs State Marriage.

In the end the typical issue of standing become problematic. The state arguing I did not have standing over the lack of harm basically.

I have advocated for some time that Family life should have limited governance involvement.

I have a daughter that is not my biological or adopted daughter. But I established as being my de-factor daughter in minor but significant ways in the Michigan Court as part of other cases.

Michigan has code regarding “Adult Adoption”.

In most counties I would most likely be able to file for adult adoption and successfully be granted it. But because of issues not related to this adult child it will most likely be thrown out and I be denied. I have an arrearage from another family court case that I have made arrangements on that happened during a period when I was disabled after a series of strokes. And another that is actually a result of the local administrative Friend of the Court system making continual mistakes because of a flawed IT system.

I have already contacted the Court Administrator for the Wayne County Court who is asking their General Counsel to respond to me.

My thoughts are they are going to in typical (court) fashion not find a solution that is reasonable but will kick to the Judge who would have to make a decision and deny my motion/petition regarding adoption. If they do it will create a “standing” for a lawsuit. If the Judge does so based on a reading of the local court rules I will be left with having to file for an appeal within the state court. If the Judge denies it based on a reading pf the state law than I will walk a civil lawsuit into the Federal Courthouse in Detroit.

Having said that I have performed weddings involving situations that I believe could end in me having standing.

Kindest Regards,

Neil Carrick