Two people I Would Vote For… If I Could


As a liberty candidate, I provide people with an opportunity  to vote their conscience if they seek a candidate who is consistently for less government and more individual liberty in all areas.  In some cases this opportunity is afforded to voters in specific districts or municipalities.

Voters in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District and residents of Berrian County have such an opportunity. 

Ray Kirkus has been a devoted activist for the cause of liberty in a number of ways.  He is a skilled organizer who understands how the system should work, and is quick to point out where it fails.  He supports fully informed juries and a locally supported local government.  He holds steadfastly to the values that are needed at all levels of government to save our republic: a respect for individual rights, and a realistic recognition of the hazards of unrestrained government.


If elected, Kerry Bentivolio would be a Congressman ready to follow in the footsteps of Ron Paul and Justin Amash, by leading us toward a society where politicians follow the Constitution and serve the citizens.  He has consistently spoken out for free speech, the Bill of Rights, civil rights, and a rational economic policy.  He has worked closely with people in his community for that goal.  Residents in the 11th district would be wise to show up for the August primary to ensure his participation in the general election.



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